Waste Management

  • You are responsible for managing waste produced by your business, whether it is generated by commercial activity, such as construction, demolition or agriculture, or work at your home.

    Waste management regulations outline a ‘duty of care’ which extends from when you produce the waste until it is collected by a licensed waste business. You must also check that the business dealing with your waste also meets their duty of care.

    Hazardous waste

    You must deal responsibly with your business’ hazardous waste, defined as anything containing a substance which is harmful to humans or the environment.

    Examples of hazardous waste are asbestos, solvents, pesticides, oil, or equipment containing ozone-depleting substances, such as fridges. 

    Our Mentor Environmental Management Consultants could provide you with advice on:

    • Determining your waste’s composition
    • Registering your premises if you produce or store hazardous waste
    • Permits needed to store, treat, transport or dispose of your waste
    • Storing your waste safely and securely
    • Moving waste off your business premises.

    How Mentor could help

    Knowing how to handle, sort and store waste is complex, especially for hazardous waste, and your Mentor Environmental Consultant can provide the advice and support you need to make sure you are compliant with waste management regulations.

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