Occupational Health

  • It pays to look after the occupational health of your people, so they feel valued and will work more productively. Ensuring you provide your people with a safe and healthy working environment is vital.

    Please note that Mentor's services incur a cost once any free trial has ended.  

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor Occupational Health Consultancy will assess your business and provide the specialist support you need:

    • Health surveillance: monitoring employees’ health and anyone working with hazardous chemicals are checked regularly for health impacts
    • Medical referral: a Medical Advisor will assess employees who are frequently absent or absent long-term
    • Support at employment Tribunal: provides specialist occupational health advice for health-related issues to ensure a fair outcome
    • Employee support for SMEs: our EAPconnect service can help you afford employee assistance
    • Clinical Advisory Service: expert health advice when you need it
    • Pre-employment health screening: assess candidates’ fitness for a role and protect your business from future claims
    • Working time regulations: employers are obliged to offer free health assessments and ongoing surveillance to affect workers. We offer cost-effective solutions.

      Please note that the occupational health service incurs an additional cost. 

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