Holiday Entitlement

  • All UK workers have the right to paid time off work, or statutory holiday entitlement, no matter how few hours they work.

    Holiday entitlement is a fundamental right, which stems from a European directive and decisions in the European Court. It is not simply a health & safety matter. 

    A flexible workforce allows your business to react quickly to changing demands, but calculating holiday entitlement and pay for your employees can be challenging.

    How Mentor could help

    The Mentor Employment Law & HR Service could provides you with the information and guidance required to manage your employees’ holiday entitlement, including useful tools such as an online calculator. 

    Mentor could help you manage employment challenges which are unique to your business, such as:

    • Refusing an employee’s holiday request
    • An employee taking sick leave just before scheduled time off
    • An employee being unwell while on holiday
    • Managing holiday entitlement where an employee is on long-term sick leave.

    Mentor will also help keep you up to date with the latest changes to relevant regulations and legislation in our Legal Update.

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