Contracts of Employment

  • You must provide your employees with a written statement of their terms and conditions of employment, known as a contract of employment.

    Ensuring you have the right contracts in place can prevent many HR issues later on in the employee life-cycle, especially for more senior employees.

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor provides you with the advice and support you need to write appropriate employment contracts for all your employees.

    Your Mentor Consultant can prepare legally-compliant contracts and ensure your Employee Handbook is kept up to date.

    As an additional Mentor Consultancy Service, we can write a Directors Service Agreement for senior employees. This important document includes terms and conditions of employment as well as directors’ duties and post-termination restrictions. 

    If you take on someone on a self-employed basis, your Mentor consultant can help you prepare a contract for services, which clearly identifies the obligations of each party to the agreement.  

    Please note that the relationship governed by this type of contract is not an employment relationship and falls outside of then terms of the Mentor insurance indemnity.

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